International Tickets

There is a new process for applying for International Tickets through the club from which your club will receive a commission. The club will no longer physically handle payment or tickets, they will be sent to you directly by the SRU.

First of all you must be a Club Member then register with the Scottish Rugby Ticket Centre   where you will be allocated an e-ticket client reference you will need this reference to complete your Club Application Form.

A form to apply for Autumn Test tickets  can be downloaded from this link    Application A – AT Members Application  

This form must be completed and returned to the Club Ticket Secretary by Monday 13th August, no payment should be made at this point. The Club Ticket Secretary will liaise with the Club Membership Secretary and only applications from paid up members will be submitted to the SRU. Applications from non-members will be returned to them along with a membership form.

The SRU will confirm each application directly with the club member by 31st August along with payment arrangements which need to be paid to the SRU by 28th September. After they have received payment the tickets will be emailed directly to the member by the SRU. If members require tickets to be posted to them they must make that arrangement with the SRU

When purchasing tickets through your club you are agreeing to the terms and conditions which can be downloaded via this link Scottish Rugby Ticketing Terms & Conditions . These tickets are not for resale, breaches of the terms and conditions by members will result in withdrawal of  future ticket purchasing rights.