Child Protection


Child Protection Update
21 July 2017
Dear Club President,

Scottish Rugby appreciates the recent efforts clubs have been making to ensure that robust procedures for safeguarding and protecting children are in place. The immediate priority for clubs was to ensure all their active youth coaches were PVG checked and over the past few months a high number of PVG checks for youth coaches have been processed. It is essential that we build upon this activity and ensure all youth coaches are PVG checked for the start of the 2017-18 season. Further important information on PVG checks including the 14 August deadline is contained below.

To ensure rugby remains a sport where children can enjoy the sport in a safe environment, Scottish Rugby has been working hard to further strengthen our support by developing our Child Protection Policy Template, organising Child Protection Training and ensuring we have the staffing resource to support clubs. In addition to Karen Burnett, our lead Child Protection Officer, and Kathleen Munroe, who deals with PVG enquiries, we have another member of staff starting soon to further strengthen the team. Domestic Rugby staff are also available to help clubs with the PVG process. The contact details for the Child Protection Team are listed below:

Enquiries/concerns: or 0131 346 5000

Lead Child Protection Officer:
Karen Burnett or 0131 346 5168

Child Protection Administrator(from 9 August)
Faye Henderson

PVG Enquiries/Forms:
Kathleen Munroe

Child Protection Website & Policy
New and refreshed content is currently being loaded onto our website and this will go live at the beginning of August containing advice for clubs, parents and children.
There will also be a template child protection policy which can be downloaded for use by clubs.

Club Child Protection Officers
We recognise this is a vital role within clubs and will be increasing our communication with your club CPO.
Please ensure we have their up to date contact details including email address – these details can be sent to

Child Protection Training
Increasing awareness through training is one of our main priorities and we have been working in partnership with the NSPCC to design training courses specifically for rugby. The following three levels of training will be available:

Foundation Level: This is embedded into the online mandatory safety course – RugbyRight in August – and should be completed by every active youth coach and child protection officer in your club.
Intermediate Level: Aimed primarily at club Child Protection Officers, this face to face two-hour regional workshop will run from September to December.
Advanced Level: This full day workshop is aimed at key employees and contractors within Scottish Rugby who work closely with children and young people.

Dates and locations of the club Child Protection Officer training will be sent out in August. All courses are free to attend and are accredited by NSPCC.

PVG Checks
Every club in Scotland with a youth or mini section has been written to cover the past month, in addition to being contacted by a member of domestic rugby staff, providing an update on their status of youth coaches with PVG checks. Every club in Scotland must ensure that all their youth coaches has a PVG check and Scottish Rugby is in receipt of their PVG number by 14 August 2017. Any youth coach without a PVG check must be removed from Scottish Rugby’s active coaching database and cannot coach youth rugby until they have completed the PVG process. Scottish Rugby will continue to monitor a club’s compliance in this area across the season from the 14th of August.

Please click here for a useful flowchart displaying the steps that clubs need to take to process PVG checks for their youth coaches.

Please note, if a club is working with a school and sending their coaches into that school to coach it is the club’s responsibility to ensure that the coach has a PVG check, not the school.

Thanks for your continued cooperation in this very important area.


Nick Rennie
Head of Club Services