In light of recent publications in the press and SRU media channels highlighting Scottish Rugby’s actions towards players sanctioned for Doping Offences, and to continue the ongoing campaign to make players aware of the Club and SRU’s Anti-Doping Policies and dangers of using banned substances, I would ask ALL members (playing and non-playing) of the Club to carefully consider the following:

  • Dumfries Saints RFC and Scottish Rugby have a zero tolerance policy in dealing with any and all doping irregularities where players are found to be using and or abusing any substance (recreational or performance enhancing) which is categorised as a banned substance under World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), World Rugby and Scottish Rugby regulations.
  • With player welfare and the integrity of our Club and game in mind, as a Club we need to
    ensure that at all times we adhere to the very strict guidelines as laid out in the valuable
    resource published on the WADA, World Rugby and Scottish Rugby Websites and draw your
    attention to these below:

  • It is really important to note that Dumfries Saints RFC promotes a healthy approach to lifestyles and participating in competitive and non-competitive sport and wholly support all efforts by Scottish Rugby to eradicate the abuse of banned and illegal substances from our game and communities.
  • Please be aware of any and all sanctions that could be imposed on any individual found to be in contravention of the Anti-Doping Policies and Regulations set out in the resources above. These will be viewed as very serious and any SRU disciplinary findings will be wholly supported by the Club.
  • The SRU have and continue to conduct and implement Anti-Doping awareness and testing programmes across ALL levels of the game in Scotland and as a Club we should view these in an important light and wholeheartedly support their considerable efforts.

Should you have any questions, concerns or would like access to additional information, in the first instance please contact the Club’s Rugby Development Officer or your appropriate Age Group Manager. Let’s all work together ensure we fully understand, appreciate and support all efforts by the Club, the Community it serves and Scottish Rugby to continue the fight against Doping Irregularities in our Sport.

Dominic Stewart

Rugby Development Manager

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