Women’s Rugby Fit


Saints Launch Girls Rugby Programme
at Park Farm

We are pleased to announce that Girls Rugby is soon to be back at Park Farm. As one of the fastest growing sports in Scotland, Women’s and Girls Rugby has fast become an important part of the Scottish Rugby landscape and we want to ensure that our Club is at the centre of that growth in the South West of Scotland. Neighbouring Clubs have worked hard to implement a sustainable pathway for Women’s and Girls Rugby and the new Club Participation and Club Sustainability models soon to be implemented across Scottish Rugby demand a focus on the female game.

To boost this, we have embarked on an online marketing campaign through the D&G Council to advertise Girls Rugby at the Saints but also to target their successful “Try it, Play It, Love It” campaign for women in Dumfries who will join in for some excellent “RugbyFit” classes every Monday evening at Park Farm to coincide with our Girls rugby training. Using fun rugby techniques to get fit our hope is that women will encourage their peers and daughters (and sons) to come down and get involved.

Contact :
Rudi Urbach, Head Coach  07846 389402 for further information
simply turn up at Park Farm on Mondays at 5.30pm

Classes are hour long sessions focussing on using rugby training techniques but without the contact to encourage women to get outside, have fun and get fit.

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Published Feb 27, 2018 in News