Schools’ Rugby 7s

It’s so good to get feedback like this. Well done to everyone involved.
From:  Louise Coupar
Regional School Sports Officer 

Children, Young People & Lifelong Learning (CYPLL)
Dumfries and Galloway Council  
DG One@Loreburn Hall, 43 Newall Terrace, Dumfries, DG1 1LN 

Hi Rudi,

Just wanted to email you and give you some feedback about your team and how they supported the Rugby 7s festival last week. All of your staff arrived early, set up the pitches and then when I asked for one of the pitches to be changed, it was done, without hesitation with 5 minutes. They were punctual, on time, asked if they could help in any other ways to ensure the day ran to time.

Keegan discussed an idea about pitches and offered an additional idea which turned out to work perfectly and showed some real intuition and the end result was two much better sized pitches for the girls groups to play on. Jay and Rhys ensured that both of their pitches ran to time, were staffed at all times and that all results were sent in to Pitch coordinators – there pitches ended up being an hour ahead of schedule due to a change in set up and their commitment to supporting the coordination of games and time keeping.

Finally I must thank Jazmin, at one point she was coordinating (with ease) two pitches at one time, including both the U15 and U18 girls pitches, supported the referees who had come from another school and were not eligible to play. She ensured students who came with a team with low numbers mixed in with other teams and ensured ALL girls had the opportunity to play the same number of games. Not only did she do this , she also dealt very professionally and confidently with a serious injury that occurred on her pitch which resulted in an ambulance arriving and taking the girl away. Whilst this injury stopped play on this pitch, Jazmin arranged a combination of fixtures on the U14 pitch after acknowledging that they were ahead of schedule.

The level of competence and professionalism is a testament to themselves, the club and you as their mentor, and I want to thank you for hosting and providing us with a team who professionals who ultimately made this day the most successful and smooth running 7s competition we have had to date.

Regardless of my change in role in the near future I would be honoured to work with this team again and develop rugby,

Thank you and look forward to working with you all again soon.

Louise Coupar

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Published Mar 26, 2018 in News