Memberships Due!

Yes folks, its that time of year again where Im after your money!!!!

This year membership forms are available from a number of places and all are equally suitable:-

1. You can down load the membership from from the Website. You will find it under the Membership Tab. Simply fill it in and either hand it in at the Club bar or post it to myself

2.Forms are also available in the Clubhouse. Again you can either hand them in over the Club bar or post them

3. Finally, the Club will very shortly be sending out a Newsletter to all current members which will include a form for International Tickets and also a membership form.

With the creation of the Clubs very successfull Web Site it is hoped that many of you will now and in the future use this medium to source your membership material and cut down on the use of paper and show that the Club is trying to be environmentally friendly. Ok I tried, it saves me time sending them all out!!

I look forward to receiving your subscriptions.

Hamish McGhie
Membership Secretary