2020 6 Nations Away Ticketing

2020 Six Nations Away Ticketing

Applications are invited for the following

Ireland v Scotland 1/2/20
Tariff £56/£70/£83

Italy v Scotland 22/2/20
Tariff £28/£37/£56/£65

Wales v Scotland 14/3/20
Tariff £90

1. Applications are invited from fully paid up members only.
2. If demand is over subscribed Scottish Rugby will reduce the number and/or change category
of ticket.
3. Orders by e-mail to John Steele,11johnsteele@gmail.com
stating number and category of ticket requested.
4. No remittance required at this
5. Deadline for applications Mon 21st Oct.
6 Any queries contact John Steele 07974629876

Published Sep 18, 2019 in News