Cussie Cup

2017 U18 Cussie Cup Sevens Tournament

On Sunday 9th April Dumfries Saints welcomed Ayr, GHA, Hamilton, Hamilton Bentleigh, Newton Stewart and Whitecraigs to Park Farm for their annual U18’s Cussie Cup Sevens Tournament.  It was a dry, sunny but slightly chilly day, perfect for rugby.

The day started with GHA v Ayr on the first pitch and Dumfries v Whitecraigs on the second.  The pace was fast and although GHA put up a good fight Ayr started to edge ahead winning with a decisive 8 trys to 2.  Dumfries had a strong team and Whitecraigs had not yet found their form and lost to Dumfries 8 trys to nil.  Whitecraigs then went on to narrowly miss out against Hamilton with 4 trys each but Hamilton converted more to win in the end.  Whitecraigs had one more loss to Dumfries then finished on a high beating Hamilton 5 trys to 3.  With no time to enjoy their win against Whitecraigs, Dumfries was back on against Hamilton.  Both strong, evenly matched teams scored 3 trys each but again Hamilton won with conversions.  With a break to catch their breath Dumfries had a good win against Whitecraigs and again straight back on to play Hamilton this time winning 3 trys to 2.

GHA having lost to Ayr was not down hearted and a tired team of 7 with no subs went onto lose to the big Hamilton Bentleigh team.  But all was not lost with GHA and they played an equally determined Newton Stewart team of 7 finishing 4 trys each but GHA took the game winning with conversions.  Newton Stewart battled on but luck was not on their side having lost to Bentleigh 2 trys to nil, 5 trys to 2 against the mighty Ayr then 4 trys each to GHA but losing on point difference for conversions.  Bentleigh won against Newton Stewart and GHA with a loss against Ayr.  Having won all their games, Ayr were the favourite for the final but nothing was set in stone just yet.

With all the games played it was the semi final decider but Hamilton, who were set to play Ayr, having sustained injuries and down to just 7 players decided to pull out so the game was now Dumfries against a slightly tweaked Hamilton Bentleigh.  It was a close game with Dumfries holding their own but the extra game time in Pool B was showing in the Dumfries side and they couldn’t maintain their lead with Hamilton Bentleigh scoring and converting a try in the final minutes.  Bentleigh moved onto the final against Ayr.  Both teams were evenly matched and it was set to be a close game after 2 trys each but Ayr true to form won convincingly.

Dumfries Saints RFC would like to thank all the teams who took part in their tournament, the referees, and everyone involved in the scoring, the kitchen staff who worked tirelessly all day to ensure everyone went home well fed, the bar staff, Liam for the programmes and everyone else who helped make this day such a success.  Special thanks to former Gala Player and husband of our President, Tuck Rainey for presenting the prizes as follows:

Cussie Cup 2017 Winners              –              Ayr RFC
Runners Up                                        –              Hamilton RFC
Fair Play Team Trophy                    –              Whitecraigs RFC
Player of the Tournament            –              Rory McMurray (Ayr)
Wooden Spoon                             –              Newton Stewart



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Published Apr 12, 2017 in News