Dumfries v Cumnock

Sunday, 06 December 2009 


Two evenly matched teams played three 15 minute sessions on a soft pitch but with dry overhead conditions.
The first session ended up 1 try each with Donald Kennedy scoring a fine try for Dumfries. The lads were not too tired after the previous late night at their Frog racing event. Generally handling was very good with a lot of running in support and good tackling throughout the team.

The second session also ended up 1 a piece with Cumnock getting their try from a breakout of defence. Luke Fairbairn scored a fine try for Dumfries with a lot of individual ducking and weaving. This obviously justified the Zig Zag award he received the night before.

Cumnock had quite a lot of possession in the second session but Dumfries dominated the last session. Donald Kennedy scored what turned out to be the match winning try. They could easily have had another two scores but for a few undisciplined errors close to the Cumnock line and a couple of knock on’s. Both teams frustrated the cheering crowd with players taking the ball into contact when there were players well placed to run into space outside them. Overall a well balanced game of rugby and well done to Dumfries for taking their chances and defending well in every position.


This was the second meeting of the season between these two teams and once again, Dumfries ran out as winners.
The game was evenly matched at the start with Cumnock defending well. Jack Austin made a strong break from his own half to score the first try of the match. He scored again moments later with a well worked scrum giving him the opportunity to power across the line. Dumfries were the stronger team overall and dominated the second half. Although the boys hadn’t had the chance to play for a few weeks, they showed good passing and excellent support throughout. The third was scored by Chris McBride in open play, Aidan Curry scored the fourth try with Shaun McLachlan bagging the fifth. Jack Austin scored the final try of the game, following a perfect pass from Declan Wilson.

Overall , this was a great performance from all 11 players, which was enjoyed by the many supporters . They deserved the praise given to them by their coach at the end of the game.


This was an evenly matched game, played over four 8 minute periods, with a 9 – 9 draw being a fair outcome. Once again, the team showed some terrific pace and excellent support. They continue to improve with good passing and tackling skills and few unforced errors. Jack Roberts scored 4 tries, with one a piece for Nathan Brown, Gregor Hiddleston, Edward Martin, Finlay McMaster and Harry Austin.

The team played particularly well given that they had a late night the night before, when they took part in their Frog fund raising Race night. Well done team!