P6/7 at Carrick

Date: 20131110


Venue: Away


 Game 1  –     Carrick 1 :  Dumfries 10

The opening game started well with Euan scoring the 1st try from good rucking play from the boys, but Carrick came back to score following poor tackling.  Next came a try from Sam who cleverly picked the ball up from the back of the ruck.  Soon after, David scored from a good turnover in the ruck.  David then went on to score a hat trick of tries.

Kyle Colchester was next on the scoreboard with the a brace of tries from great rucking then a brilliant steal from the forwards.  Euan then scored his second from a fantastic offload by David before Gregor touched down after good passing along the line. The final tries came from David and Euan – each completing their hat-tricks – after good driving and tackle by Dean. The standard of the rucks today was outstanding as was the tackling from Sam, Kyle and Aaron.

The Saints rucking and driving was too strong for the Carrick side in both matches

The newest members of the team started on the bench but they were soon put to work with good tackling from Nathan and great rucking from Conal and Salah. The Saints deserved the 10-1 score.  Man of the match was Kyle Colchester.

Game 2    –   Carrick 2   :

Carrick were first on the scoreboard with a try following poor tackling but Saints came back immediately for the first of their tries by Kyle after a great pick up and pass from Sam. Next try came after good play from Sam who tackled to win the ball for Euan to take the pass and drive over.  Kyle then scored his second try. 

Carrick hit back for their second score after confusion in Saints play. However Saints then picked up to score with help from their subs with next try with a great drive by David. Ross was next to score by bulldozing his way across the Carrick line. Saints went on to score 4 more tries from Sam, Kyle and Euan to finish what had been fantastic play. The whole team deserved their win. Man of the match was Sam Taylor

Squad    –  Euan Robertson, Ross Hamlet, Gregor Hiddleston, David Sharp, Campbell Hiddleston, Kyle Colchester, Adam Hastings, Sam Taylor, Aaron Grierson, Dean Carson, Euan Robertson (Capt)  – Subs: Salah Benadrouche, Nathan Cloy. Hamish, Conal Holt

Big thanks to coaches Cammy Taylor and Jim Colchester.