P5 at Cumnock Tournament

P5 at Cumnock Tournament

 – The P5 team of Darroch Wood , Lewis Fergusson, Murray Colchester, Robbie McCormack, Rory Boyd, Rory Gordon and Tom Currie (Captain) had a really successful outing to the Cumnock tournament on October 6th.

In the first game – against Strathaven  – the boys made their impact early on with some ferocious tackling , especially from Man of the Match, Tom Currie – ably followed up by Murray Colchester, Lewis Fergusson and Robbie McCormack.  The Strathaven team hardly got out of their half due to the intensity of the Dumfries defence.  With this amount of pressure the young Saints were able to win valuable ball.  Rory Gordon  successfully ferreted  away at rucks to provide strong running opportunities for Darroch Wood, Robbie McCormack, Lewis Fergusson and  Tom Currie.  A well deserved victory of 4  to 0.

The Second game was against the hosts, Cumnock.  This  was a far more tense affair with  Cumnock team  certainly determind to win and the referees allowing plenty of time to do so.  Possession remained with Cumnock for the majority of the first 5 mins with strong runs from their red-mohican-haired  player.  They were held at bay with a barrage of Exocett Missile tackles from the young Saints.  This defensive pressure created the turnover ball which with good handling and strong running allowed the P5s to run out victors 4 to 2.

Lewis Fergusson got the man of the match award.  All the boys contributed on the day with ferocious commitment and a strong will to win.  They will need that for the tough season ahead.

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