Still some availability on England and France 6 Nations Home Games

The deadline has passed for the Autumn Tests and 6 Nations away tickets. We got all the Autumn Test tickets we applied for, some of the later ones were only available as individual seats. We are fairly sure we will receive all the Away tickets we have applied for and will know for certain by the end of November.

Even though we had a reduced allocation of England and France tickets we have also had a reduced number of applications. So we have extended the deadline till 27th November by downloading the application  vi this link

2018 6 Nations Home Tickets

Download and print off the form, fill it in and return it to GM Thomson with your cheque.

Your application will be date stamped when it arrives at GM Thomson with accompanying cheque.

If your application is unsuccessful you will receive a full refund in late January/early February.

If for any reason you cannot use your 6 Nations tickets please offer them back to the Club Treasurer as other members may have missed out and deserve first refusal to buy them off you at face value. However the club is not guaranteeing to take them back.

For further information contact Donald Brown by email or by text to 075285586379

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Published Nov 9, 2017 in News