P6/7 at Carrick

Carrick 5Dumfries P6/7 went to Carrick on a cold but sunny day, looking for a good performance after the October break. The boys were slow to start in the 1st game narrowly winning by 3 try’s to 2.

The score was opened by a very able Lewis Fergusson then Carrick replied to that. This was followed by a try from Ben Watson. Good tackling by Rory Gorden and Tom Currie with runs from Murray Colchester and Rory Boyd  ending in a try from Rory Boyd.  Some good tackling and passes by Sam Taylor but not enough to stop Carrick scoring at the end of the match.

The second game showed that the Saints were in the grove by a convincing 4 Try’s to nil win, with Sam Taylor and Lewis Fergusson scoring 2 try’s each. The commitment from the boys gave them the confidence to tackle and show their skill to the maximum. A great start after the holidays keep up the good work.

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