Saints help local charities

For Halloween this year, Dumfries Saints decided to do their bit to support local charity shops.

Players were given a budget of £20 and sent round the many charity shops of Dumfries to buy their outfit for the evening. 35 players took part in the evening and costumes ranged from a pink Gorilla, short dresses, blazers, a Liquorice Allsort and many more. Word had obviously got round the charity shops as on arriving, anyone looking like a rugby player was advised that the shop had just the outfit for them.

The evening, held in Dumfries Rugby Club, consisted of forfeits for any past indiscretions, being stingy when buying outfit and for needing the toilet. Some also fell foul of the dreaded pumpkin punishment, fitting for the event, which I will leave to your imagination. Once a few pints had been sunk and the kitty was dry, the rugby boys headed into town to continue the team bonding.

The night was deemed to be a great success, with a total of over £500 raised for the local charity shops from the players own pockets. Dumfries Saints are proud to support local businesses and charities and will continue to do so for many years to come.