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Rudi and I accepted an invitation to attend the annual School of Rugby Awards at Maxwelltown High School last Friday.

It was good to see the number of boys involved with the SOR increasing and a big thank you must go to the head and staff of Max High for the energy they put in to this successful venture. Special mention must go to James Hannay, Principal Teacher of PE, for taking the School of Rugby forward.

As Mr Hannay mentioned at the Awards ceremony rugby it’s not just about playing a game, its about learning respect for others, developing confidence on and off the field, building friendships and the enjoyment of being part of a team.

Ross Hawkins of Maxwelltown High School’s School of Rugby and a Dumfries Saints S1 player embodies what the SOR is all about.  The following speech was written by Ross and delivered so confidently by him at the Awards Ceremony that I thought it worthy of printing on our website.

Well done Ross.

My experience of the school of rugby started in August 2016 at Maxwelltown High School when I started in S1.
I wanted to take full advantage of this as both my big brothers had been part of the school of rugby and both enjoyed the experience.
Over the first few months as I learned the new skills I found that I could channel any aggression I had into the game of rugby.  It allowed me to build firm friendships with my peers and was helping me to develop a range of emotional and mental life skills which gave me resilience not only on the pitch but in my personal life as well.
It has increased my confidence and I feel that I am more able to progress in other areas within the school because of this.
As the months have gone by I feel that I got better at rugby while also developing my personality, increasing my confidence and making me a more responsible player and person. Now I’m more confident and more active having developed a sense of maturity in rugby, school and in life in general.
I have particularly enjoyed travelling to play other teams within Dumfries and Galloway as well as participating in a tournament at Scotstoun.  It was great to see the Warriors Stadium and to meet some of the players. This has allowed me to meet and talk with other players from different areas of Scotland.
I just want to say a big thank you to Mr Hannay, Mr Cook, Dr Field as well as the Dumfries Saints coaches, Ed, Rab and Jay for everything they do for us and for making me a better person through rugby.
I would also like to thank the SRU as I know that without their continued support I would not have had this fantastic opportunity to develop and grow as a person.
Ross Hawkins S1

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Published Jun 20, 2017 in News